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Hydroelectric energy

The hydroelectric energy industry is characterised by a high level of customisation, as each power plant must be optimised in terms of the hydroelectric resources available and the facility's configuration.

Gamesa Electric designs its machines in accord with the specific parameters of the turbines and the plant's operational location.  During the design process we consider the runaway data, accessories and instrumentation, custom-build bushings for the turbine's requirements, etc., the aim being to guarantee the maximum reliability and prolong the working life of the equipment.

Gamesa Electric develops synchronous generators for hydroelectric power plants, covering the so-called minihydroelectric range of up to 40 MVA and 15 kV.

They also offer high-performance machines that are mechanically and electrically interchangeable using the existing infrastructure, without the need for engineering works, for power plants that are replacing old equipment with new technology.

Gamesa Electric provides support during installation and startup, assisting to ensure the correct operation and optimum output of the machines; as they do throughout the approval, quality control checks and project management procedures.

With their broad experience in developing permanent magnet machines for hydroelectric facilities, they offer consultancy for projects that seek maximum performance.