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Wind Power

Gamesa Electric design, validate, manufacture and supply all the electrical system components for wind turbines; generators, converters and control cabinets, based on the latest technology:

  • Synchronous generators for direct drive with rotor excitation by means of permanent magnet technology
  • Synchronous generators for direct drive with full converters
  • Doubly-fed asynchronous generators
Gamesa Electric was one of the first companies in the world to commercialise direct drive generators with full converters and are currently the sector leader with their permanent magnet generators. Experience and knowledge accumulated in the sector grants them a greater efficiency and reliability in their projects with an optimal operation cost for each unit.

Gamesa Electric develops different power electronic solutions for the wind power sector that include, amongst others, support functions to cope with voltage dips.

The company is a point of reference in their field thanks to their extensive knowledge and know-how; they actively participate in the elaboration of the main international regulatory codes for connecting renewable energy generation plants to the electrical grid, which allow them to offer a full catalogue of solutions. Included amongst them is Gamesa Windfact® and other power quality products, which ensure supply stability and a better integration of the wind power energy into the network.

Gamesa Electric's products for the wind power market include control tools, integrated into Gamesa WindNet®, that anticipate grid interconnection requirements, more and more complex, for the different grid operators in the world. Amongst these tools stands out the regulation of active and reactive energy, this contributes to the grid stability by maintaining the voltage and frequency values stable.