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Power plant controller

Gamesa Electric Power Plant Controller (PPC) allows fulfilling different Country Grid Codes at Point Common Coupling (PCC).

It is also a Gamesa Electric own design which guarantees full synchronization and interoperability with Gamesa E-Inverters.

In order to improve the grid quality, grid operators are increasingly demanding to new PV Plants higher and higher technical requirements, such as:

  • On-demand active and reactive power generation capability in order to match grid power generation and consumption.
  • Capability of Power Factor regulation at PCC. The Inverters shall regulate reactive current in order to match the power factor required by the operator at PCC.
  • Capability of Voltage regulation at PCC. The Inverters shall regulate reactive current in order to normally obtain a PCC voltage of 1 p.u.
  • LVRT: Reactive current injection during voltage dips or immediately after the voltage dip.
  • Occasionally control of additional equipment as capacitor/inductor bank or STATCOM for reactive power/voltage regulation could be required to fulfill the above requirements. A new trend is the requirement of energy storage capability, actually required by some grid operators. BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) should also be controlled in this scenario.

Thanks to the flexibility of the control and monitoring system of Gamesa Electric PV Inverters and the Gamesa Power plant Controller, it is possible to ensure continuous adaptation to new requirements and compliance with the most demanding standards. Functions as active or reactive power priority, reactive power generation at night, active or reactive ramp control, management of BESS and hybrid diesel-PV generation based on special customer requirements, are also available as advanced characteristics of the Power Plant Controller.

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Principal Characteristics

Gamesa Electric PV Inverters have a very flexible and dynamic hardware/software circuitry that allows operation far beyond of the limits imposed by international standards.

Although the Inverters are normally configured to meet standard applications (i.e. official grid codes, maximum production of active power, …) it is possible upon client or grid operator requests to modify these standard setups to overcome problems related with low quality grids or to provide grid stability capabilities.

The set of control equipment required to carry-out the above listed characteristics is called Gamesa Electric POWER PLANT CONTROLLER and it includes the following functionalities: 


  • Communication with grid authorities or customer Plant SCADA
  • Communications with PV Inverters and other power units, either active or reactiva
  • Measuring and processing of the electrical magnitudes at PCC (voltage, current, PF)
  • Control capability of PV Inverters
  • Control capability of additional equipment as STATCOMs, capacitor or inductive banks, BESS (battery energy storage systems), diesel generators, etc.

Principal Functions

Power Plant Controller could be required to fulfill some regulations set by grid operators or the requirements of enhanced PV Plants.
Power Plant Controller monitors grid and PV plant variables and selects the optimum operating mode of the whole PV plant: active and reactive power, grid voltage, grid frequency, etc. Additionally it can receive external set points and will automatically adapt the PV Plant behavior to the new settings.
Gamesa Electric’s Power Plant Controller allows the following operational modes:
  • Reactive Control (Q Control, setting point of reactive power Q at PCC)
  • Power Factor Control (PF Control, setting point of cos(Phi) at PCC)
  • Voltage Control (Q/V Control, parameterization of a required programmable curve)
  • Apparent Power Control (S Lim, setting point of S Lim at PCC)
  • Active Power Limitation (P Lim, setting point of P Lim at PCC)
  • Power Ramp Rate Control (setting point of maximum %Pn/min)
  • Frequency Control (P/F Control, parameterization of a required programmable curve)

Power Plant Controller can receive the target values specified by grid operators using a standard protocol (i.e. Modbus TCP/IP) and over different communication media (as a general guideline, optical fiber in case of long distances and communication between buildings and hard-wired copper conductors in case of short indoor distances).

Main Components

Gamesa Electric PPC is supplied in a wall mounting box (500 x 500 x 210 mm) and the main components included are:
  • Real Time Controller
  • Grid Meter (Measuring unit)
  • Communication Switch
  • Power Supply
  • Protections
  • Communication hardware at each of the Solar Power Stations
  • Documentation: Installation and user’s manual