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Gamesa Electric has been present in the photovoltaic sector since 1993, with the design and manufacture of the first photovoltaic central inverter with 450 kW of power, as well as Europe's first photovoltaic inverter with IGBT technology and 100 kW of power, which is still in operation today.

Within the sector the company has installed more than 1,500 photovoltaic central inverters and offers cutting edge technologies in the supply of large-scale solar farms connected to the electricity network.

 In 2011, it completed its first photovoltaic facility in India, placing itself in a market with great potential for development, whilst at the same time broadening its presence in China, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Within the photovoltaic industry, Gamesa Electric is specialist in the sector of central inverters, and in 2016 the company launches its new series of central PV inverters with 1500Vdc technology, both indoor and outdoor versions and under European and American normatives and standards.

The company not only offers PV inverters, but also PV Power Stations integrated into pre-fabricated buildings or in standard ISO metallic containers for maritime transportation (solar inverters + LV/MV transformer + MV protection switchgear + remote monitoring system).

Gamesa Electric also offers Power Plant Controllers, to ensure the fulfillment of the grid connection requirements of the complete PV plant at its PCC (Point of Common Coupling). 

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