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Gamesa Electric's experience and know-how in the industrial electrical equipment sector allows the company to offer a portfolio of solutions for rotating electrical machines and power electronics, adapted to the needs of each client and project.

The engineering design team and the production installations stand out for their high flexibility and adaptability to all types of project, being it the personalised delivery of a single unit or small and large series of the same equipment.

Gamesa Electric counts on latest generation technology to develop its products (mechanical, electrical and thermal design), using the most advanced simulation and calculation tools. Many of the tools have been developed internally, especially for the production of high-power permanent magnets, a market sector in which Gamesa Electric is pioneer and worldwide leader.

Each of Gamesa Electric's production centres includes international certificates for their quality, environment and health and safety in the workplace management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, respectively). In addition, certificates and specific audits are available for certain markets.

To combine the flexibility required to meet personalised manufacturing and standardised products in large series, the company relies on production techniques typical of the automotive and aeronautic sectors, such as 'lean manufacturing', Kanban cards or the 'Pull & Just in Time' production method.

Gamesa Electric dedicates special attention to the validation of all its products, being subjected to a demanding series of approval and standardisation tests, in both our own test rigs and those of approved independent bodies. The final aim is to ensure compliance with each and every requirement of the client's technical specifications.  Equally, transparency is another of the key values in the relation between Gamesa Electric and its clients, giving them the opportunity to see the different approval tests performed on their products.