Gamesa Electric




  • Development of new 1500Vdc series of central PV inverters (Gamesa E-2.25 MVA, indoor and outdoor versions)
  • Introduction on the market of electric generators for Diesel gensets
  • Gamesa Electric merges all its subsidiaries, joining all its product portfolio under the same commercial brand


  • Development of bi-directional PV inverters for energy storage applications
  • The company is awarded the supply contract of a 8MW permanent magnet electric generator for the Adwen AD-8-180 wind turbine


  • The company surpasses the accumulated mark of 1.000MW in deliveries of electric generators for the hydro market
  • The company delivers more than 100MW in PV central inverters within this year.


  • Development of new liquid cooled PV central inverters Gamesa E-1,4MVA and Gamesa E-1,3MVA.


  • Integration of the experience and equipment from the electrical equipment sector in Gamesa Electric, for markets such as photovoltaics, hydraulic and nuclear, electrical traction and marine propulsion, in addition to wind power
  • Supply of ten PLUS photovoltaic inverters for the first project with SKY SOLAR in Bulgaria
  • Gamesa Electric consolidates itself in the European hydroelectric market with contracts in Norway, Turkey, Italy and Spain
  • Contracts are signed for the first project in the hydroelectric market of Africa
  • Gamesa Electric reaches 213 MW supplied to hydroelectric plants in Turkey


  • Completed the first photovoltaic facility in India, placing themselves in a market with great potential for development, whilst at the same time broadening their presence in China, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
  • Construction and startup of the power electronic and control cabinets factory in China
  • Supply of the first propulsion motor (of a total of four) for the S80 submarines, constructed by Navantia for the Spanish Navy
  • The company receives orders for hydroelectric projects in Spain, Italy, Turkey and Panama
  • Delivery of hydraulic equipment providing a total of 130 MW to clients in Spain, Austria and Slovenia, plus 45 units of submerged permanent magnet generators for the ASHTA1 project in Albania
  • Support for the electric vehicle, with the creation of a charging point products portfolio


  • Gamesa Electric is awarded the contract for the design and manufacture of 90 submerged permanent magnet generators for the "ASHTA" hydroelectric project in Albania


  • First deliveries of synchronous generators for hydraulic generating in Turkey


  • Construction of a factory for electric generators for wind turbines in China, integrated into the Gamesa manufacturing plant in Tianjin


  • Development of the  complete range of 1E qualified electric motors for nuclear power plants
  • Contract is signed for the design and manufacture of the electrical system (drive and permanent magnet motor) for Navantia's S80 series of submarines.
  • Construction of the Lean power electronic and control cabinets factory in Benisanó


  • Gamesa includes their Enertrón activities as a unit of electronic development for application in renewable energies


  • Gamesa acquires Cantarey, specialists in manufacturing generators


  • Start of wind farm activity in Reinosa, with the manufacture of direct drive generators for 750 kW wind turbines, for the Dutch company Lagerwey


  • Delivery of two 4,200 kW synchronous motor units operating at 50 rpm (140 T) for the Chinese steel industry


  • Supply of the first European 100 kVA inverter with IGBT’s for photovoltaic energy  in the Toledo PV plant, for 1 MW


  • Foundation of Enertrón, dedicated to the design and manufacture of power electronic equipment: medium and high power UPS's for electrical power plants and industrial plants


  • Foundation of Cantarey (at the time Cenemesa), dedicated to the design and manufacture of motors and electrical generators