Gamesa Electric news

Rombello hydroelectric project

Gamesa Electric reach a new agreement for 3rd time with this client, for a new project implementation in Ponte in Valtellina, Sondrio,

Uchiyama hydroelectric project

For Japan, which lacks natural resources, hydroelectric power is a purely domestic source of energy that is stable and environmentally friendly. The

Ingwa Khola hydroelectric project

The Bank of Kathmandu will finance the Upper Ingwa Khola Hydroelectric project. This project has an installed capacity of 9.7MW and will

Tra Linh 1 hydroelectric project

Quang Nam Province increased investment capital of Tra Linh 1 Hydropower Project in a 37,6%, to more than € 34.5 Mill. The

Mordøla hydroelectric project

NVE was granted permission to build Mordøla power plant in Luster. Mordøla power plant will produce about 11.9 GWh in an average