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Electric generator

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Two Gamesa Electric hydroelectric generators of 9 MW each have been installed on Nam Tha 4 hydropower plant, located on Nam Tha Stream, about 30km away from Van Ban township. With a total capacity of 18 MW, this run-off-river plant is connected to the national electricity grid, contributing to the sustainability of power generation in […]

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Niksar Hydroelectric Power Plant Niksar Hydroelectric Power Plant Project (40 MW) is located on the Kelkit streamlet; which is a branch of Yeşilırmak River and consists of project, design, engineering, supply, authorization works, production, construction, installation, financing, operation, activating, test and completion works. The project produces 215,203 MWh of electricity that avoids the emission of […]

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Alejandria Hydroelectric power plant With two turbines brought from Austria, this hydroelectric plant will produce 15 megawatts of energy that will help to illuminate 37,500 homes. The works of Generadora Alejandria were complemented with more than $ 2.300 million pesos in social investment for Santo Domingo, Concepcion and Alejandia, municipalities that benefited with improvement and […]

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ASHTA hydroelectric project Gamesa Electric has supplied, to the Austrian hydroelectric turbine manufacturer ANDRITZ HYDRO, 90 units of the latest generation of permanent magnet electric generators for the ASHTA plant, located on the River Drin (Albania), to be operated by the Austrian electrical company VERBUND. The project located in Albania generates around 70 MW of […]

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