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Laos is estimated to have a potential of up to 27,000MW, making it the «battery of Southeast Asia». The government has therefore launched a strategic master plan, with the aim of achieving a 90% electrification rate as part of the long-term national development plan, to improve the country’s electrification rate. This will improve rural productivity […]

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We have been awarded a new supply contract for three 8 MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generators for Houay Kaouane HPP located in Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR). Due to a high average annual precipitation and hilly terrain, Lao PDR has a theoretical hydropower potential of 26.5 GW, which makes the country one the richest […]

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We will supply three 9 MW synchronous hydro generators and will increase our installed capacity in collaboration with this client to a total of 300 MW We have been awarded a new contract for the supply of three 9 MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generators for Nam Tay hydro power plant. The plant is located […]

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