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We are immensely pleased to receive the PV Magazine Award 2022 in the category of Inverters. Our inverter, “Gamesa Electric Proteus PV”, has been granted with this award for «demonstrating a thoughtful evolution of Gamesa Electric’s core PV devices, bringing commendable efficiency and features to meet a range of demands from solar developers. The Proteus […]

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The company will supply its central inverters, winners of the Photovoltaics Intersolar Award 2022, to Siemens AG to integrate them into Siemens’ portfolio of PV and Storage solutions The agreement between the two companies has a global reach, supplying equipment internationally from Gamesa Electric’s factories around the world, and will have an expected volume of […]

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This is the most prestigious award in PV and Energy Storage industry. The award was given during the initial ceremony at the beginning of Intersolar fair. The judge valued the high efficiency with an exceptionally high power density, the robust technology and the hybrid cooling system developed for Gamesa Electric Proteus Inverter. We would like […]

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