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Gamesa Electric will supply 113 MW of Proteus solar inverters in Colombia. The Portón del Sol project will be built by Elecnor and has been developed by Enerfin. This is Gamesa Electric’s largest project to date in Colombia. Gamesa Electric has signed an agreement with Elecnor Atersa to supply its Proteus 4300 inverters to the […]

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We have been awarded the supply of a 3.8 MW synchronous hydro generator for the replacement of the existing electromechanical equipment for Caracoli hydropower plant Gamesa Electric will supply one 3.8 MW synchronous hydro generator for the Caracoli hydropower plant. This machine will replace the existing one in this small hydro plant located in Antioquia, […]

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We will supply two hydroelectric generators for the TZ-II project, located in Tarazá in the province of Antioquía, Colombia. For this new plant, our eighth project with this client, we will supply 2 hydro synchronous generators of 5 MW each. Antioquía province is leading the hydroelectric power generation in Colombia through small hydroelectric plants – […]

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New contract for the supply of hydro generators for San Bartolome and Oibita hydropower plants Located in Oiba and Guapota, Colombia, the total supply will be of 4 complete synchronous generators of 11.8 MW each, together with their corresponding spare parts. Each plant will have a total planned capacity of 20 MW, with two generators […]

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Alejandria Hydroelectric power plant With two turbines brought from Austria, this hydroelectric plant will produce 15 megawatts of energy that will help to illuminate 37,500 homes. The works of Generadora Alejandria were complemented with more than $ 2.300 million pesos in social investment for Santo Domingo, Concepcion and Alejandia, municipalities that benefited with improvement and […]

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Sol de Inirida solar PV plant This is our first reference in Colombia, a country in which a great growth in solar photovoltaic energy is estimated in the coming years. The contract will be for the supply of one Gamesa E-2.25 MVA-SB-I High Efficiency Solar Inverter and 1500Vdc, which rates one of the highest performance […]

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